Entering the WordPress Community

Day 1 WordPress

Day 1 WordPress

I have chosen to join this blogging community with a desire to have a place where I can post the things I do in my day that are creating the world I wish to exist in.

I do many activities so these offerings influence my path of expansion and fulfillment.

It could be a podcast I listen to, something I have read,  an event I  attend, a card reading I do, a conversation I have had, a realization that becomes apparent, I moment i have shared with someone and more…….

I hopie  this maybe you of some use to you.

Yours in diligent hope



My next book

A year of reading the world


As those of you who have followed this project for a while know, I was a writer long before I was a blogger. For the last seven years I have paid my bills by writing and subediting on a freelance basis for a variety of publications and organisations. In fact, for the first seven months or so of my Year of Reading the World, I was working five days a week at the Guardian newspaper in London and juggling shifts and commissions for several other clients. It made fitting in roughly six to eight hours of reading, blogging and researching a day quite a challenge!

What you may not know is that I was also a writer long before anyone paid me to do it. I made my first attempt at a novel when I was seven (a fantasy story set in an old castle with a bookcase that revealed…

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Across the border into Italy… Ventimiglia and its Friday market


Ventimiglia, the Italian border town on the Riviera – hardly Rome, Florence or Venice but suitably picturesque for an “I’ve done Italy in a day” moment…

Some readers may not be aware of this, but Italy is just round the corner from the French Riviera… In fact, if you are in Menton, you can easily walk across the border! The Italian town of Ventimiglia is located at the terminus of the coastal railway line that runs between Nice and Monaco, so you can easily have an “I’ve set foot in Italy” moment during your visit on the Riviera and add it to your countries’ list if you’ve never been to places like Rome, Florence or Venice.

Ventimiglia is pretty much like any other border town, so nothing too spectacular, but most visitors tend to travel there for its (in)famous Friday clothes and leather good market. I figured last month that…

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25 tips to Strengthening Your Resolve

Strengthening Your Resolve – is a process that takes commitment to live in your personal power which is your birth right.

Allow impulsivity. See impulsivity as a beautiful spontaneous Divine desire for something to be expressed in the world.

Believe you can not do anything wrong – there is just adjustment.

Give yourself the freedom to learn.

There are no mistakes; there is just learning and feedback.

Be Patient

Play to your strengths

Understand that answers are mental theories; solutions are practical actions.

Believe you will find a way.

Be aware that the biggest part of attraction is ACTION

Act as if nothing will stand in your way.

Be aware that many of the obstacles to achieving your desired result are the ones you put there.

Allow for a process of elimination.

Get use to being different.

Do it your way, but don’t waste your time reinventing the wheel.

Seek solutions from qualified others.

Become good at self assessment.

Become good at self knowledge.

Become good at self acknowledgment.

Get to know your internal guidance system.

You have the vision now what?  Make a promise to yourself that you will constantly seeking a solution until you achieve your desired result.

If one approach doesn’t work it does not mean that it was not possible it just means you need to find another approach and if the next approach does not work you just need to find another and possibly another and possibly another.

Believe there is always away through.

Give yourself space and the best possible set of circumstances, then set about achieving your desired outcome. A lot people have a desire but don’t give themselves the right positioning in their life situation to truly be in a position to accomplish much. No wonder they gave up, they never really put them self in the position to achieve anything at all.

Saturate your mind with wisdom from people who have achieved great things before you.

Create a mutual admiration society.

Humble yourself and cultivate the understanding that we are not an I without the We. If there was no one else on the planet our desire offering  would not exist and without the assistance of others we will not accomplish anything.

True fulfillment is worth all the resolve you can muster, the world needs your beautiful offering.

This is quote from the below talk from Standford ECorner.

Work out the things you want to do for the sake of doing them because they make you feel good. Not for how you appear to anyone. /Mathew Rabinowitz (Natera)

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Getting Serious

I have owned this Goal Planner of Brian Tracy’s for some years and had use it somewhat. Which is bit of a joke – if I only completed 5% of it, that not using it at all.
Anyway here I go. Hopefully I’m in the frame of mind to use it fully. I’m looking forward to the journey.

Megan Simson